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The Pilot School Adventia, the best option to become a pilot

The Pilot School Adventia, European College of Aeronautics, leader in the field of aviation training, is the oldest civilian pilot school in Spain with 40 years’ experience. It dates back to 1974, when the ENA, National Aeronautical School, the first pilot school based in the Air Force Base at Matacán, was founded. Later, in the 90s, the ENA was privatized and became part of SENASA. It was in 2000 when the trademark by which it is known today was created, and, under which, after many years of existence and under different auspices, where most of the pilots who are flying in Spanish airlines today were trained.

AAdventia Nº1dventia, European College of Aeronautics, is an Approved Training Organization (ATO) certified and approved by the main national and international aeronautical institutions and authorities, and is situated in Salamanca, Spain. It offers its students first class training at the handsof highly qualified instructors and teachers, being, undoubtedly the best option to undertake aviation training.

In 2012, an international report on “Commercial Aviation Pilots Schools in Europe” prepared by a specialist at the UN Logistics Aviation ranked the Pilot School Adventiaas number one.It analyzed more than 390 schools in 17 countries in Europe. Its track record, stable and strong shareholders, the excellent training system or unlimited free synthetic flight that it offers students, are some of the features that have madeAdventiacome out top in this ranking.

To all this, we must add that, unlike other Spanish and European schools, Adventia now offers a degree entitled “Commercial Airline Pilot Studies and Air Operations”, adapted to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area.

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In this sense, linking Adventia with the University of Salamanca through the Aviation Campus is a great opportunity in the training of future pilots. Pilot training in the field of university education broadens students’ knowledge, enhancingtheirCV and covering other subjects that make them a multidisciplinary professional.

Adventia has a job pool which is continuously on the move and has agreements with firms and airline companies in order to facilitate job entry to students. The latest agreement was signed last year with the Spanish airline Vueling.

Furthermore, Adventia is the only school in Europe to offer free unlimited synthetic flight practice so that students can consolidate their practice according to their skills. It also gives its students initiation in aerobatics and the possibility to fly round Europe in the Beechcraft King Air (C-90).

Adventiahas the most complete fleet among all Spanish ATOs and has aircraft which cover all the different levels of training, among which is the only turboprop used for training in Spain.

Adventia operates to the highest standards in quality and is in fact has been one of the first aviation schools in Europe to obtain quality certification ISO 9001:2008 and also complies with the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority requirements.

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Adventia differs from its competitors not only because of its consolidated track record, quality of education or collaboration with one of the world’s leading universities such as the University of Salamanca but also continues to work every day to maintain its position as leader amongEuropeanpilot schools. Adventia’s foremost priority is that students acquire habits, values, skills and professionalism throughout their training to develop them later in their working lives.

With all these qualities and advantages, stable and strong shareholders, formed by the Confederation of Organisations of Entrepreneurs of Salamanca (Confaes) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Salamanca, through the Salamanca Progress Foundation,the Pilot School Adventia, in a prestigious position in the European Pilot Schools, establishes itself as the best options when it comes to embarking on a career in the aviation world.